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What's My Car Worth?


When buying or selling a car it is always useful to know how much the Car in question is currently being bought or sold for elsewhere in Northern Ireland. For this reason we have devised a way for you to find out, using live examples of Cars currently on sale, to estimate how much you might sell or expect to pay for yours.

Simply pick the MAKE and MODEL of the Car in question, hit SEARCH and you will be given an average price. It is then possible to view the list of Cars from which the average was calculated. Remember that the results are for guidance purposes only and when selling or buying a Car you will need to be flexible.

How does it work?
The average is made up of both dealer lists and privately owned Cars currently for sale on our www.ulstercars.co.uk web site. Bear in mind that the price you see is often slightly higher than what you might pay when you actually make it to the forecourt or the private sellers house - this will depend on your negotiation skills!

www.ulstercars.co.uk Limited takes no responsibility for sellers not attaining these types of prices when selling their Cars or for purchasers not being able to purchase a Car at these prices. Remember when most people sell their Car they put in a price that they would most like to achieve. Be realistic and use the above for what it is - guidance pricing only!